BillScaff Scaffolding ERP Software is a complete software solution for managing the scaffolding rental industry. ERP based rental software has a simple yet effective user interface that helps users in daily calculations, billing issues/receipts, generating GST and more

BillScaff Scaffolding Software Features

gst,Goods and Services Tax

GST Amount Report

BillScaff ERP software helps to generate GST Amount Report that can be downloaded to log in GSTR1,GSTR2 and GSTR3 on the GST portal


Missing Material Adjustment

The scaffolders can alter the material they have received after sending X item but not Y item by using BllScaff ERP to identify the missing materials at the customer site.

stock management

Inventory Management

You can move materials from one site to another with the help of BillScaff ERP, which enables customers to manage their inventories customer- and customer-site-wise.


Scaffolding Rental and Sales Invoice

Using BillScaff you can Generate monthly bills as per Issue/Receive Challan, auto select day-wise and item-wise rates, and import bills in Pdf, Word, and Excel.


BillScaff ERP Daily Reports

BillScaff ERP Daily Reports is a powerful reporting addon for BillScaff ERP. It generates simple and easy to use reports of stock, customer wise stock, customer site-wise stock, DC, Invoice , Customer Outstanding reports


Manage your Monthly/Day Wise Rate

Manage your Monthly/Day Wise Rate provides you with a Scaffolding Software based on the industry practices and best practices which can give you a very accurate scaffolding rate. Our software is integrated with all necessary modules like GST, inventory management, and  billing


Scaffolding Delivery Challan Entry

 BillScaff ERP made the DC creation really simple. You can make the DC manual or produce the DC by referring an agreement.


Estimate and Agreement

BillScaff ERP allow the Scaffolders to generate the Estimate and Agreement from the system itself.

BillScaff Application is a complete solution of "Scaffolding & Shuttering Business Management"

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24 x 7 Support

BillScaff is the intelligent ERP software that simplifies management of scaffolding operations. Whether you are a contractor, dealer, distributor or scaffolding owner-operator, BillScaff will help you save time, reduce costs and improve performance in all aspects of your business.

Billing Software for Printing Press

BillScaff ERP is an easy to use Application

BillScaff software has been designed to make the process of Scaffolding  ERP Software easy for any customer at any time. With a few clicks, you can get the most up-to-date information about your company and employees, as well as access all your data from anywhere in the world. BillScaff is a very powerful platform that allows users to work with their database as if they were working on an excel sheet.


Multi Currency Supported

BillScaff is a scaffolding ERP software that has its main goal to support any type of construction company with all the detailed information about their business. It manages all the info from customers, suppliers, invoices and payments, which helps you get an overview on everything. It lets you use any currency interest rates in your projects and control your costs better.


Customized Software Solution

BillScaff is a software solution to make the process of data entry and handling more efficient. It has been designed to be used by scaffolding companies, who will find it easy to manage all their transactions through an intuitive interface that provides comprehensive reports. its totally customizable as per your requirements


Strong Database and Modern GUI

BillScaff is a specialized scaffolding software. This strong and modern tool helps you to focus on your work, as it allows you to plan and manage your business workflow. With BillScaff you can make better decisions, deliver more value and increase clients’ satisfaction.


Grow your Business BillScaff

BillScaff was designed for scaffolding businesses, it is a cloud-based software with all the necessary tools to keep track of your company. We offer a complete suite of modules to help you manage your business, from managing your finance and customers, to getting an overview of your resources and equipment.

Features of BillScaff ERP Application
(Scaffolding & Shuttering Management Software)

BillScaff is a software that is specially designed for scaffolding companies. It can be used to manage customers and ensure they are charged at the agreed-upon rate, and it has the ability to export all of these records to Word or PDF files.

  • Customer and Cusromer Site wise Rate Management
  • Manage Multi Site Rates
  • Customer Wise Rate List
  • Get the Daily Reports of your rented Items per day/per item
  • Monthly/Fixed Rate
  • Missing Item Rate
  • System Generated Agreement Print
  • Site Details
  • Plot Owner Details
  • Site Incharge Details

Manage your inventory in more suitable and without any extra efforts/manpower.

  • Item Master Creation
  • Item Group Creation (Balli, Base Jack, Gola, Lager etc.)
  • Stock Entry
  • Stock Transfer
  • Purchase Bill Entry
  • Stock Conversion
  • Material Supply/Issue Challan
  • Material Receive Challan
  • Damage/Scrap Stock Management
  • Current Stock Report
  • Site Wise Material Stock Management
  • Balance Material for Receive
  • Item Wise Stock Report
  • Stock Ledger
  • Labor Payment Generation
  • Transporter Payment Generation

Create Issue/ Receive challan on a single click, system generate challan as per customer agreement, current stock and stock on site.

  • Material Issue/Supply Challan
  • Material Receive Challan
  • Labor Charge (Loading/Unloading)
  • Transport Charge
  • Weighbridge (Dharm Kanta) Charge
  • Item Stock Report
  • Site Wise Issue/Receive Report
  • Customer Wise Stock Report
  • Site Wise Issue/Receive Report
  • Balance Material on Site
  • Scrap Material Receiving
  • Extra Item Receiving

Without missing manage your stock site wise and customer wise.

  • Site Wise Item Tracking
  • Item Issue Report
  • Item Receive Report
  • Item Transfer One Site to Another Site
  • Balance Item List for Receiving
  • Site Wise Material Scrap/Damage Reporting

Easy to generate Rent Bill, Sale Bill and Missing Items Bill. Rent bill generate against monthly opening, issue/receive challan.

  • Monthly Rant Billing
  • Rent Calculate on Per Day Per Psc Basis//Fixed Rate Basis
  • Sale Bill Generation
  • Billing for Missing Items
  • Balance Item List for Receiving
  • Site Wise Material Scrap/Damage Reporting
  • Auto Calculate Labor Charge (if applicable)
  • Auto Calculate Transport Charge (if applicable)

Easy procurement management allows you to manage suppliers, quotations, rates, purchase orders, and incoming shipments.

  • Supplier Database Management
  • Purchase Indent
  • Purchase Planning
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Purchase Rates & Discount Management
  • Purchase Replacement
  • Pending Dr/Cr Reports
  • Supplier Wise Outstanding Reports
  • Purchase Costing Comparison Chart

Our basic accounting software is handles billing and payments. It is a complete solution for your business.

  • Customer Ledger
  • Suppler Ledger
  • Journal Voucher Entry
  • Debtor Reports
  • Creditor Reports
  • Dr/Cr Outstanding Reports
  • Payment Follow-ups

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