ERP For Manufacturing Companies

Revolutionize how you manage your production with Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP Software. With powerful inventory management features, it allows you to keep track of components and assemblies in real-time. Improve sales and operations by efficiently managing orders, customer relationships and more. With the Accounts Module, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with accounts receivables/payables while the Quality Module helps you analyze product data. The Purchase Module allows for better procurement decisions while Plant Maintenance helps maintain assets. Finally, the Project Management feature helps streamline project activities for smoother operation execution. Get the most out of your production with Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP Software today!

Fox IT ERP Modules

Purchase Management System Modules

Are you a manufacturing business looking for the perfect scalable ERP software to streamline operations? Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP has a comprehensive purchase module that helps you keep track of orders, manage expenses, and get the most out of your supply chain. Get ahead of your competition and make sure that your manufacturing business is running as efficiently as possible – with Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP.

Inventory/Materials Management Modules

Streamline your entire manufacturing process with Fox IT Manufacturing ERP. Get complete visibility of your operations from production stages, to inventory and materials management. Power up your sales and in-depth analytics to make informed decisions for your organization. With the Inventory/Materials Management Modules, you can keep track of everything from raw materials to finished goods, making sure that you stay up-to-date on all activity in your business. Get organized and increase productivity with this powerful software solution!

Production Planning & Control Modules

Unlock the power of operations management with Fox IT Manufacturing ERP. This ERP has its own Production Planning & Control Modules to help you automate and integrate your manufacturing processes. This comprehensive suite also accounts for production costs and supports inventory tracking, giving you full visibility of your entire manufacturing operation. With Fox IT Manufacturing ERP, get better insights into your production data and maximize efficiency without compromising on quality. Get ready to streamline assembly lines, scale up your operations and maximize productivity!

Quality Control Modules

Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP software is the perfect all-in-one solution for your business. With its quality control modules, you can ensure the highest level of excellence, streamline operations and cut down on costs. This system offers an all-encompassing approach to product management, from production and delivery to assembly and maintenance. You’ll be able to monitor processes and ensure that everything runs efficiently and effectively with these features. With Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP system, you can rest assured that it will take your business to the next level.

HR & Payroll Management Modules

HR & Payroll management solution stores complete details and records of the employees related to their appointment, salary, generates pay-slips, computes all allowances and deductions, manages salary adjustments, bonus and arrears, calculates and records overtime, manages ESI, provident funds, gratuity and generates MIS reports.

Accounts/Finance Modules

Need to optimize your manufacturing operations? Look no further than Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP. This powerful system is designed to help you streamline and automate your manufacturing processes, from HR & payroll management to inventory control. Its easily accessible modules enable you to keep a close eye on your operations and respond quickly to changing customer demands. And with its in-depth analyzes, you can make data-driven decisions that grow your business. Get ready for peak efficiency with Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP.

Gate Entry Module Modules

Take your manufacturing business to the next level with the quality ERP solutions provided by Fox IT. Our Manufacturing ERP Suite is made up of highly efficient Gate Entry Module Modules, allowing a more organized and streamlined production process. It’s user-friendly interface ensures quick accessibility and easy navigation. Streamline your production process and take your business to new heights with Fox IT’s effective Manufacturing ERP Suite.

Service Management Modules

Get your production in order with Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP. This powerful software will streamline your service management to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire production system. With its modules, you can effectively track requires resources, personnel and materials as you move through the stages of your production process. Put simply, this Manufacturing ERP can drive greater productivity and profitability for your business. Automate and optimize operations today with Fox IT!

Fox IT ERP Administrative Tools/Control Panel Modules

Streamline your manufacturing process with Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP. This robust system provides you with the administrative tools and control panel modules you need to improve production management, increase efficiency and reduce operational cost. With the ability to integrate data across the enterprise, it helps to maintain high-level visibility for real-time decision-making. By investing in Fox IT’s Manufacturing ERP, you can get up and running quickly without having to deal with complex implementations and long learning curves. Transform your business today!