Inventory/Material Management

Our Inventory management systems track goods through the entire supply chain or the portion of it a business operates in. Its covers everything from material requisitions, goods receive, job work, stock transfer, WIP, warehousing to shipping, stock valuation, stock management, and all the movements of raw material, general material, semi finish goods and products.

Item Group Management

Warehouse Management

Item Location Management

Item Master

Bar Code/QR Code

LIFO/FIFO Stock Management

Multilevel BOM (Bill of Material) Creation

Material Receipt Note (MRN| GRN)

Material Receipt| Rejection after QC

Material Issue Slip

Gate Pass

Job Work

Job Work Delivery Status Report

In House Order Processing

Inward Register

Outward Register

Material Issue to Production

Material Receive from Production

Material Return Note

Tool Issue Register

Item Account Statement

Stock Ledger

Stock Opening Closing

Stock Valuation

WIP Report

Pending PO| MRN| Transferred Stock

Current and In process Stock

Stock Warehouse Wise

Stock Location Wise

Max. and Min. level Stock Management

Dead Stock Report

Material Issue Receive Register

Current Stock Report

Gate Entry Register| Inward Register

Material Issue Register

Gate Pass Register

Shortage Items List

Pending Job Card Items

BOM Vs Actual Issue

Item Wise Shortage

Item used in BOM

MIS Reports etc.